Me as a Teacher

Hello Fellow Future Educators~

My name is Lauren Howell. I am finishing up my Bachelors degree at Grand Valley State University and plan to move to Daytona Beach and attend Daytona State University for a certification program in August. I also plan on starting my teaching career as a substitute teacher while I am getting certified and then entering the exciting world of teaching English or history in a secondary classroom.

Here you will find my creation of a unit plan based on a theme of stereotypes in literature. I have faced a lot of stereotypes in my life. Starting at a young age, I was always known as the cop’s daughter (which I am proud of), tomboy, teacher’s pet, Korean dater (long story) etc. We all have experienced stereotypes in our lives whether we are aware or not. While I studied abroad, I encountered some very strong racial stereotypes that sparked my interest and ever since I have been sensitive to them in literature. Although stereotypes are not always wrong, I feel a unit plan designed for students to identify stereotypes and critically analyze them is a good start to a freshman year.

This unit plan focuses on rather large stereotypes in race, but along with analyzing racial stereotypes in texts, I want students to accompany these studies with a reader response journal where they will write about any stereotype, small or large, that they encounter. The culminating activity at the end of this unit is a multimedia project where groups of students will present what influenced them in the texts we analyzed.

I hope you enjoy this and if you like any of the ideas feel free to use them. I am excited to perhaps try this very unit plan out someday and develop and tweak it to be more powerful and beneficial for my students.

Thank you for reading.

Lauren Howell

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